Creating Reality From Your Dreams

Creating Reality From Your Dreams


“Dreams without goals remain dreams, just dreams. And they ultimately fuel disappointment…I try to give myself a goal everyday” – Denzel Washington

Goals are important in order to take steps towards making your dreams a reality. Every step will get you that little bit closer and before you know it time will have passed and you will be creating your future.

This past year has been the most meaningful in my life to date. Two months overseas, away from everything that had become a monotonous routine, draining me of everything that was special in my life, gave me time to think. Time to think about what I wanted without having to consider anyone else. That sounds a little selfish, but I have this tendency to put other people before myself most of the time, thinking about how my life will affect others and planning accordingly.

I’ve spent many a year trying to figure out what makes me happy. Changing directions so many times I didn’t know where I was headed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still like that, I just have a little more life experience than before and clear goals.

My dream is to travel the world while writing and working for myself as a digital marketer, helping people improve their businesses and their lives. My reality is a lot of hard work studying, getting experience, gaining confidence in myself so I can make others feel comfortable hiring me, saving money so I can take the leap, leave my job and become a freelancer. I also want a home with an office and a few spare rooms where my friends can come to stay. What seems like one goal, is in actuality made up of many steps.

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Give yourself time to sit down and think about what YOU want, not what you think you should do, or what others think you should do. Think about what makes you the happiest, what makes you smile or gives you goosebumps every time you think of it.

One of my biggest goals was to start writing again. I finally got myself to write this post while procrastinating about an assignment that was due three days ago. Yay to the power of procrastination!


What are your dreams/goals? Have you talked to your friends about them? Can they help you make them a reality? Can you help them with their goals?

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