Australia Said YES!

Australia Said YES!

Sometimes I am proud to call myself an Australian, and today is definitely one of those days. AUSTRALIA SAID YES to marriage equality!

A month ago Australians were asked to vote on the question of whether they thought gay marriage should be allowed in Australia. I personally thought this was a bit of a no-brainer, and can’t understand why anyone should be stopped from marrying the person they love, no matter what gender they are. Apparently this isn’t how everyone felt, but luckily the majority of the Australian population did with 61.6 per cent of people voting ‘yes‘.

The only down side is that the vote was not a compulsory one, and the government is not held by any laws to pass this through parliament. I’m hoping that they do the right thing and finally join the rest of the world in marriage equality.

Either way I am proud of our country for standing up and putting love out into the community instead of bigoted hate, and I am happy for all my friends and family of the gay/lesbian community who have won a victory today. Congratulations!

See the journey below:

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